Band Hatton Button - Post Brexit

Band Hatton Button look to the Future

Band Hatton Button have made significant changes to our board so we can continue developing in the post-Brexit business landscape.

As of 6 April the board of Coventry-based Band Hatton Button converted to become an Alternative Business Structure, which allows the firm to attract inward investment from external sources and appoint external expertise on to the board.

The move comes as Band Hatton Button continues to increase turnover year-on-year – which also saw them appoint 20 members of staff spanning across corporate, commercial, litigation and private client teams.

The law firm now employs 84 people, and services in excess of 30,000 clients spanning Coventry, Warwickshire and beyond.

Mark Moseley, managing director at Band Hatton Button, said: “This is all about gearing ourselves up for the future.

“While we have traded incredibly well this year we are of course conscious of the opportunities and uncertainty Brexit might hold, so we now also have the tools in place to adapt.

“A lot of our clients will be affected in some way so we must begin to think about the long-term health of the business now the countdown to leaving the EU is on.

“There are no immediate plans to change any parts of the business, but this does now give us the flexibility to invite people on to the board outside of the law sector so that, should we ever need to assess potential growth opportunities in other sectors, we will be able to.

“In terms of the past year we’ve had a strong period of recruitment at all levels of the business, and being able to attract new employees with a highly valuable and loyal client base has helped us as well.

“Over the coming months we’ll be looking to maintain our strong levels of trading, while also carefully researching potential opportunities in the years ahead.”