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Two newly-qualified lawyers join ranks

Two newly-qualified lawyers join ranks

Newly-qualified lawyers Sunny and Jade

A Coventry law firm's investment in trainees has paid off after adding two newly-qualified lawyers to its ranks.

Jade Dooley has qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive in the business's conveyancing department, while Sunil Sidhu has also qualified as a Solicitor in the family department.

Both Jade, 27, and Sunil, 29, have been working at Band Hatton Button since 2016 as trainees where they have gained practical experience while completing their qualifications.

Jade secured her qualification after six years of study where she graduated with a LLB Law degree from Coventry University before completing her CILEx exams in 2016, which also involved an additional 18 months completing a portfolio made up of 86 objectives.

Sunil was awarded solicitor status by the Solicitors Regulation Authority after completing a two year training contract at the firm covering a variety of seats in different departments. Prior to joining the firm Sunil had obtained a BA Honours degree in Law at Northampton University, followed by the completion of a Legal Practice Course.

"The best thing any aspiring solicitor can do is to get into an actual law firm while studying as it gives you a real head start in your career," Jade said.

"I've been part of Band Hatton Button's growing conveyancing department for a number of years, and such is the demand, I'm now juggling around 100 open cases at a time as part of a team of 13."

Sunil is part of a team of seven in Band Hatton Button's family department and will be working across a variety of cases driving demand in this area such as divorces and children arrangements.

"The family department is one of the most diverse departments to work in, which is one of the main reasons I chose to follow a career in this area of law," Sunil said.

"As a department we are currently urging people to think twice about doing a 'DIY divorce' as we are still seeing a large number of couples going down that route. Many think it a convenient and cheap option, but in reality, we see many cases where things have gone wrong and lawyers have to get involved in the end, which inevitably ends up costing the client more in the long run. Divorce by lawyers needn't be expensive, it really depends on the individual circumstances".

Mark Moseley is the managing director at Band Hatton Button, which has an annual turnover of £4.5 million and recently celebrated its fifth birthday.

He added: "Both Sunil and Jade have been instrumental in helping their respective departments to take on more work recently, and their new qualifications are testament to their passion and hard work.

"As a firm we are committed to championing the law industry and encouraging more people into the profession, and a key priority for us is creating a healthy balance where the next generation of solicitors such as Sunil and Jade can learn from some of their more experienced colleagues."

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