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To assist our clients who may be affected by the practical implications of Brexit, we have set up a team to try to address any practical concerns you may have, and we would be very interested to hear what those concerns may be.

This might be the effect of tariffs (or non-tariff barriers) on existing supply or agency agreements which you have, or the continuing viability of a contract if there is a significant shift in the value of sterling against the euro, dollar or any other currency, or the continuing enforceability of a contract or a judgment in other EU member states, or indeed a host of other questions.

We may not have all the answers at the moment, as the politicians wrestle with the finalisation (or not) of the exit agreement, and what any future trading agreement may say.

However, if you would like a preliminary discussion with us (which we are happy to offer on a free of charge basis) please get in touch with any of the following members of our team:-

Philip Costigan – T: 024 7649 3101  E:

Sean Byrne – T: 024 7623 7370  E:

Jon Wilby – T: 024 7649 3116  E: