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Battle Cry for Family Law Reform

Battle Cry for Family Law Reform

The momentum to change our "fault" divorce system is really gathering speed, not just with family lawyers and Judges, but also with the press, even the Economist has declared that it is time to change the system. This debate has been reignited by the plight of Mrs Owens, a case that was heavily covered in the national press. Mrs Owen was told by the Court of Appeal that she had not proved that her husband had acted unreasonably and she was therefore forced to remain in a marriage that she did not want to be in.

It is hard to imagine that the government will see this need for change as a priority and I fear that reform will be again placed on the back burner and we will see more cases like Mrs Owen, however National family law group, Resolution have vowed to continue the discussion with government, so all we can do is wait and see.

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