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Our brand values and what they mean to us…

Our brand values and what they mean to us…

Brand values are guiding principles that shape a business. They're a set of words that sit at the very core of an organisation, and dictate its personality and help others understand what makes it tick, how it behaves and will help that business stand out from others.

At Band Hatton Button, we have had our brand values for some time now and we've recently re-considered at them to ensure they are still fit for purpose and have longevity to suit us as we evolve and grow.

Our brand values are: respectful, approachable, collaborative and knowledgeable.

These words have each been carefully considered to ensure they truly reflect our ethos and represent our character and commitment to clients.


We always treat clients, and each other, with the utmost respect. We are proud to have polite and kind people in our business who act with a human touch at all times, ensuring a harmonious and respectful office environment. Many of our clients are also seeing us in sensitive circumstances and so this value of being respectful is hugely important to us, and our clients.


As a firm, we are very welcoming, and empathetic, with clients knowing that they can come to us with any issue. It is key for our lawyers to build strong relationships with our clients, so that they know they can come to us whenever they need to and we will be always remain approachable, amenable and accessible.


We work closely with clients, and each other, being well aware that a collaborative approach ensures clients always get excellent legal advice that is well-informed, rounded and tailored to them.


We know we have great people within our business who are knowledgeable in their respective fields, which means we can come up with bespoke and creative solutions to clients' issues that will achieve the outcome they desire.

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