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Family Law – Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

Family Law – Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

Helen Bowns of our Family Law team shares some examples of the Family Law FAQs (frequently asked questions) that have been raised by her clients* during their individual family law cases.

Family law can be a very sensitive subject, our experts are experienced, compassionate and have a wealth of experience.

We'll be posting regular FAQs in our blog section and updating them on our Family Law FAQs page.

(*names will be not be shown in full for confidentiality reasons.)

"Are pre-nuptial agreements legally binding in this country?" P - Warwick

They are not binding on the court but are extremely persuasive as long as they are drafted correctly. Pre-nuptial agreements set out how the couple would deal with finances should the marriage break down and are a really good idea if one person is entering the marriage with pre-existing assets, for example a family business. A pre-nuptial agreement can also be useful for a second marriage where the couple want to preserve their assets for the children of their previous marriages.

This concludes the FAQ for this week. Visit next week for more answers to your questions. If there are any Family Law issues you'd like Band Hatton Button's assistance with please get in touch.

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