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Keeping clients happy – it’s all in a day’s work…

Keeping clients happy – it’s all in a day’s work…

At Band Hatton Button we like to keep our clients happy. We're totally committed to always doing our best for them, making sure that they are kept fully informed and have their expectations well managed.

Some of the philosophies that we live by are...

  • We listen. It is a given that our lawyers are knowledgeable* and that they quickly establish what clients need and then carry out the necessary work (and to a high standard!); but we really focus on listening to make sure that we fully understand a client's issues, which means we will come up with solutions that will really work for each individual situation. We are respectful to clients and empathetic and compassionate towards their needs, concerns and individual situations.

It goes without saying that we provide legal services that are technically correct and always aim to achieve the results our clients want, but we stand out by adding a human touch* to our everyday work.

  • We always talk in terms that clients understand. We try and avoid using legal jargon wherever possible and will talk in clear terms, whilst remaining professional, of course!

We will also communicate with clients in the way they want - whether that be via telephone, face-to-face, email, post - we can even Skype.

  • We 'let Lawyers be Lawyers'. As a firm we have made a huge effort to streamline our processes and embrace technology so that our lawyers aren't spending time on things they don't need to and things run efficiently and in a paperlight manner. We have established a new team - 'Client Relations' who manage the start and finish of a client's matter with us and they also manage some other facets of the process. This all frees up the lawyers' time to allow them to do what they do best.

Our Client Relations Team are also ensuring clients know of all our services, not just the ones they are using us for at the time, to make sure they're fully informed - whether it's a complementary service, or perhaps something they might need in the future.

  • We stick to our promises. We are only too aware that a client's experience can be negatively affected if their expectations aren't properly managed. In the legal world, delays can be inevitable and out of a lawyers' hands, but we make sure we communicate with the client as early as possible to keep them in the loop and we always remain accessible and approachable, via the means that they choose.
  • We strive for total client satisfaction. We issue surveys at the end of every matter and we closely analyse the feedback. The results are genuinely excellent - but if they aren't we look at why not and see if we need to change things to put them right. We have also been known to send small gifts by way of an apology when things haven't quite gone to plan.
  • We always remember to say thank you! We are grateful for clients' business and we very much hope they have been happy with us and will come back to use us again and recommend us to their friends and family. We want to say thank you for this and operate a 'Recommend a Friend' scheme whereby those that recommend others to us receive a £20 M&S voucher once their matter has completed. We also reward people that return completed surveys to us and choose someone every month at random to receive an M&S voucher.

As a firm, we embrace our brand values and our purpose and we hope this shines through in our behaviours and relationships. Ultimately, we are passionate about keeping clients happy and we're confident we are doing a pretty good job!

* The words in pink are our brand values - they reinforce our purpose, in that we strive to be these things to our clients, and each other.

* Our purpose is to "deliver excellent legal services with a human touch"

Sarah Jordan

Sarah is the firm's Head of Marketing & Client Relations and whose remit is based around the firm's profile and client experience - T: 024 7649 3109 E:

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