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Made in the UK

Made in the UK

Recently, we have had a number of enquiries from clients regarding the label "Made in the UK" and if there are any legal requirements that must be complied with, when marketing products using this label. Generally, you are not required to label products with their country of origin, however, there are special rules for certain business sectors. For example, the food and drink industries havespecific sets of regulations in regard to labelling and packaging. It is recommended by the government, that you contact your local Trading Standards office if you have any questions about product labelling.

If you are required or choose to label your product with the country of origin, including "Made in the UK", please remember that you must comply with your legal obligations to provide accurate information that is not misleading. If you are selling goods to other countries, please make sure that you check the rules that apply in the respective countries.

If you require any further commercial advice, please contact a member of our Corporate and Commercial team.

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