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Update on Eviction Ban

Update on Eviction Ban

As the expiry of eviction bans arrived on 24 August 2020, the Government have imposed a further 4 week ban on evictions, which takes the total ban to 6 months.

Furthermore, the Government want to give tenants greater protection from eviction over the winter, requiring landlords to give tenants 6 months notice (as against three months as initially required by the Coronavirus Act 2020) and which is to be intended to be in place until at least 31 March 2021.

This is a relief for tenants who may face imminent eviction, but a huge disappointment to landlords, particularly those who are owed thousands in rent (but still having to pay a mortgage) and those who may be in desperate need to sell their home but are unable to remove the tenants. Landlords are being assured by the Government, that once the eviction hearings restart, the judiciary will carefully prioritise the most serious cases, including those involving anti- social behaviour and domestic abuse, as well as those landlords that have not received rent for over a year.

We are yet to know exactly how the 6-month notice rule will work in practice, and whether previous 3 month notices served over the last 4 months will still be valid once the eviction ban is lifted. As soon as we are given further details by the Government and the legislation is updated, we will update this blog.

If you have any queries on this matter, please do not hesitate to speak with John French or Kristy Ainge by phoning 02476 493124.

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