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Property Disputes – Property Possession


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Our client was the tenant of a commercial property. Her ex-partner was instructed to manage the business operated from the property while she travelled home to Turkey for a few months. While away, the ex-partner changed the locks to the property and filed documents at Companies House purporting to be a director and shareholder of our client’s company. He then purported to remove our client as a director of the company in collusion with the company’s accountant.

Having learnt our client parted with possession of the property, the landlord attempted to forfeit the lease to the property but was unable to peaceably re-enter the property due to the ex-partner’s conduct. The landlord then issued possession proceedings. Both our client and the ex-partner exerted an entitlement to represent the tenant company. The ex-partner’s attempts to appoint himself as a director and shareholder of the company were meaningless in the absence of any evidence to demonstrate our client’s agreement to this appointment such as board resolutions. The issue of who is entitled to represent the tenant company is now to be tried as a preliminary issue to the landlord’s claim for possession.


There is no express value however the matter relates to our client’s right of occupation of a commercial property and the right to run her company from it which has been essentially stolen from her.

Lawyers involved

Raman Dhillon.

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