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Property Disputes – Unpaid Debt


Private client.

How we helped

Our client lent over £100k to someone he befriended. It was not repaid. He took her to court and obtained judgment and obtained a charging order against a property. The case has involved seeking to enforce the charge over a 3 year period which has led to numerous hearings before a District Judge, Circuit Judge and ultimately led to an application for permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal by way of a ‘second Appeal’. Following the collapse of the Appeal much time has been spent seeking to enforce the charging order finally leading to a 3000 year lease being granted to our client giving him full control over the sale process for the property.

The matter is important to the client as he needs the money to provide care for his elderly and infirm wife.



Lawyers involved

The matter has been dealt with primarily by John French but ably assisted by Kristy Ainge (who attended some hearings in her capacity as solicitor advocate). Kristy is now overseeing the enforcement process.

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