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Menopause and menstruation at work guidance launched

Menopause and menstruation at work guidance launched

New BSI Standard on Menstruation, Mental Health and Menopause in the Workplace

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has published a standard on menstruation, mental health and menopause in the workplace (BS30416).

The BSI is the UK National Standards Body. According to the press release the new standard has been created following extensive consultation with experts and the public.

The standard is designed to help organisations support employees experiencing menopause or menstruation, and thereby better enable them to retain experienced and talented people of all ages.

The purpose of the standard is to set out practical recommendations for workplace adjustments and strategies to help organisations meet the needs of employees.

The standard gives guidance on developing policies and practices to support employees.

It is stated to be a practical tool, providing examples of actions and small adjustments that can be made to improve the well-being of people at work who are experiencing menstruation or menopause. It is also intended to help organisations identify misconceptions.

BSI's overview of the standard states that the guide's recommendations will benefit all employees, are applicable to all sectors, and both small and large organisations. It goes on to indicate that they can be adapted in accordance with business needs.

The overview the also states that the standard has practical annexes, covering such things as: tips for having confidential conversations; conversation topics and potential workplace adjustments; team management considerations; ideas for facilitating culture change; and training considerations.

A copy of the standard can be obtained free of charge on the from the BSI website.

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