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Recommend a Friend

Recommend a Friend

Why we want to say thank you to clients who recommend us to their friends...

We are, of course, very grateful for our client's business and we enjoy building relationships with clients that have longevity and are built on integrity, trust and loyalty.

It would be great to know we have a client's complete loyalty - to know they will use us time and time again, and that they will recommend us to their colleagues, friends and family. A loyal client's endorsement is more powerful to their colleagues, friends and family than any advertising campaign.

Indeed, it makes sound business sense to nurture existing clients and hope they come back to us and recommend us to others.

We know that we all work really hard to ensure clients are happy with the service they get from us. We always strive to get the result the client wants at the right time and we work to budget, keeping the client informed and managing their expectations. Our purpose is 'to deliver excellent legal services' and we have every confidence our lawyers do just that day in, day out.

We hope that high levels of client satisfaction lead to clients spreading the word and getting work via recommendations is the perfect proof to us that we are doing a good job.

So, we have decided to launch a scheme to reward clients - our new 'Recommend a Friend' scheme.

Our scheme entitles anyone who recommends us to receive a £20 M&S voucher. We have designed the scheme so it's easy to use, transparent, and it's open to all and you can recommend us to as many friends (and get as many vouchers!) as you wish.

There is a separate flyer which details the scheme and has a slip to return so you can take advantage of it - but it genuinely is really easy to use and we very much hope clients like it and use it, so we can say thank you.

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