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Right Focus – May 2015 News

Right Focus – May 2015 News

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We lead with news of a number of changes to corporation tax and NIC rules and how they will impact the way businesses manage tax liabilities.

In news for business we start by taking a look at the wide-ranging review of national business rates in a generation with the aim of reforming the current business rates system. We move on to examine alternative sources of business finance and report on a proposed cap on credit card processing fees.

On the Individual law page we provide a summary of a host of changes that could affect your savings and the tax you pay. Continuing with personal finance we bring news of changes to and savings allowances announced in the budget; and sign-off with an overview of the new Consumer Rights Act.

On the back page we bring news in brief summarising a 2014 boom of start-up companies; a fall in UK shopping prices; a drop in the cost of buying a home in France and news of which jobs can make you happy.

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