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The ‘One Minute’ Conveyancing Quote!

The ‘One Minute’ Conveyancing Quote!

Property sellers and purchasers can now receive a conveyancing quote in one minute thanks to a new online tool.

Solicitors Band Hatton Button, who are based on Warwick Road in Coventry city centre, are teaming up with Perfect Portal to launch an online system which asks prospective clients some simple questions relating to their transaction.

This information is then analysed instantly before a quotation - including stamp duty and other extra costs - are emailed to the prospective client, who can then decide whether to instruct a solicitor at the click of a button.

Sarah Avern, Head of Residential Property at Band Hatton Button, said: "This is the tool that Y and Z generations have been crying out for when it comes to buying or selling a home.

"Those born in the late 80s and early 90s are currently setting out to buy their first home and are big technology users, but they're also time poor, so this tool will help us to connect with what is a massively competitive market.

"It is also designed to make the house-buying process much less stressful and more efficient.

"Comparing conveyancing prices can be a lengthy and complicated process as extra costs aren't always added on, but the Perfect Portal service includes everything up front within a minute.

"This service will further improve our overall efficiency as our Client Relations Team will also be able to provide quick quotes over the phone using the online system, freeing up our solicitors' time to focus on their clients' matters.

"Adapting to reflect consumer behaviour is vital for us as a firm, and we are expecting this new approach to conveyancing to become the norm in the future."

The online service is being launched on from 22nd March.

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