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“Get Outta My Pub!”

“Get Outta My Pub!”

It has been announced in today's press that Dame Barbara Windsor, the famous television and film actress, has been living with Alzheimer's since 2014. We are all used to seeing her portraying a strong female lead part especially with all the people she infamously "chucked out" of the Queen Vic which coined her famous catchphrase and this perhaps makes this news even more surprising.

As the population ages, Alzheimer's is becoming a very real problem for more people and their families. Alzheimer's is one of the causes of Dementia. Dementia affects how your brain works and Alzheimer's is a progressive disorder. People living with Alzheimer's can still retain their mental capacity for some time after diagnosis. But it is unpredictable and no one can pin point the time when a person living with Alzheimer's will no longer have mental capacity to make their own decisions.

From a legal perspective, it is important to get your affairs in order especially if you have recently received a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or another form of Dementia. It is important to consider who will make your decisions for you when you lose mental capacity and whether Lasting Powers of Attorney will assist. If you do not get around to putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place then all is not lost, it is possible for a trusted family member to step up and apply to the Court of Protection for a Court Deputyship Order so that they can manage your affairs under the supervision of the Court. A Will should also be a priority so that your assets can be left to people whom you choose when you die.

At Band Hatton Button, we regularly advise our clients on Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney as well as help with applications to the Court of Protection for Deputyship Orders.

All of the members of the Wills, Trusts and Probate team have received Dementia Friends training. The Alzheimer's Society's Dementia Friends initiative enables people to understand the condition and it changes the perception people have on dementia. The initiative makes a difference to someone with dementia as it provides others with an insight into how it may affect them.

All of the lawyers in the Wills, Trusts and Probate team are fully qualified and accredited members of Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE). SFE is an independent organisation that provides specialist legal advice for older and vulnerable people, their families and carers.

For individual advice and assistance contact our Wills, Probate and Trusts Team to find out how we can help.

Christina Polychronakis, Solicitor, Wills, Trusts and Probate Team

Direct Tel: 024 7601 6438


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