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Litigation – Mis-Sold Timeshare


Private client.

How we helped

We acted for a couple who had been mis-sold a timeshare in Spain and were contacted by a company called Justice4 Limited who claimed to be a claims management company who made claims abroad for people who had been mis-sold timeshares or holiday club packages. Our clients were required to pay £12,480 up front for Justice4’s fees based on the assurance/ representation that these fees would be recoverable. 18 months went by with no progress being made whatsoever to our clients’ claim and there being no evidence of any claim being made against the timeshare provider in Spain. In the intervening period, Justice4 also went into liquidation with its assets purchased by another company who also failed to progress the claim. Our client’s requests for updates were ignored and they lost hope of recovering the sum paid to Justice4.

We made a claim under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 to our clients’ credit card provider Lloyds who eventually agreed to settle the claim prior to the issue of proceedings to our clients delight after being let down and defrauded by multiple companies during this process.



Lawyers involved

Jon Wilby and Raman Dhillon.

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