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Litigation – Relationship Breakdown


Private client.

How we helped

Our client’s ex-partner left his property taking a number of his belongings, and also failing to repay a loan for a tax bill.

The client had been in a relationship with the defendant which broke down. During their relationship the client had loaned the defendant £13k for a tax bill which she then said was a gift. Furthermore, when she left the property they once shared she took all items in the property which belonged to him. The claimant took the defendant to trial, in which we were successful.

The defendant then failed to pay the sums due, and a statutory demand, and thereafter a bankruptcy petition was presented. The defendant also avoided service of the petition so an application for substituted service was also issued and successful.

After a period, the debt was paid, and at the bankruptcy hearing we will seek the dismissal of the petition and claim costs.


Circa £30k for loan/items and costs of trial, and £7k for costs of bankruptcy proceedings

Lawyers involved

Jon Wilby and Kristy Ainge

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