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Employment Law for Employers

Employees are one of the most valuable assets a business has but when things go wrong they can represent a major risk to the business.

Employment law is complex and keeping up-to-date can be time consuming and difficult. As specialist employment lawyers, Band Hatton Button can help ensure good practice and minimise the risk of non-compliance. Our team of employment solicitors in Coventry not only assist clients within the city, but many across the West Midlands and rest of the UK.

We work closely with our clients to become familiar with each business to enable us to provide tailored and relevant assistance.

Band Hatton Button offers a wide range of services to support employers including:

  • Contracts and policies
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Redundancy
  • Diversity and Discrimination
  • Settlement agreements
  • Tribunal and court representation
  • Buying and selling businesses
  • Managing sickness absence

Contracts & Policies

We are able to advise on and draft appropriate contracts and policies which are integral to reducing potential risks for employers.

Band Hatton Button is also able to ensure management and employees are familiar with the policies and procedures by assisting with appropriate training programmes.

Senior employees’ contracts should be drawn up in a way which gives the employee security and motivation but are also framed to protect the employer’s business secrets, confidential information and reputation.

Restrictions on the activities of a senior employee after they have left the business should be considered  – these are known as post-termination restrictive covenants.

Disciplinary, Dismissal and Grievance Procedures

Our Solicitors can advise you about disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures which you will need to conduct, from time to time. We can guide you through the procedures and prepare related documents such as warning or termination letters. We can help you minimise the risk of being exposed to unfair dismissal and other employment claims.


Band Hatton Button is able to help employers follow the correct procedures relating to redundancy and avoid potentially costly mistakes. We are able to provide help and guidance from the start to the end of redundancy processes, whether they be large or small scale.

Discrimination, Victimisation and Harassment

It is unlawful to discriminate, victimise or harass individuals because of sex, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, gender reassignment, race, pregnancy and maternity, disability, age, religion or belief.

This area of the law presents significant risks for employers and Band Hatton Button is able to give advice and support in relation to implementing equality and diversity policies and training.

We can ensure that employers have policies in place prohibiting discrimination, harassment and victimisation to minimise liability and encourage positive working relations between staff. We can also advise and represent you should allegations of discrimination, victimisation or harassment be made against your business or an employee’s co-worker.

Settlement Agreements

Sometimes employers will propose a severance package to employees in which they settle their employment claims under a settlement agreement (formerly known as a compromise agreement). At Band Hatton Button, we are experienced in drafting these agreements on behalf of employers and guiding them in relation to how such agreements should be proposed.

Tribunal and Court Representation

It is not always possible to deal with employment claims by way of a settlement agreement and our solicitors are experienced in advising you throughout tribunal and court proceedings.

Buying & Selling Businesses

The sale and purchase of businesses with employees are subject to complex regulations known as the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)  Regulations 2006 (also referred to as TUPE). Employers face significant risks if they fail to follow these processes correctly.

Band Hatton Button is able to ensure these regulations are adhered to and assist with essential legal tasks such as prior employee consultation and employment contract issues following any sale.

Managing sickness absence

Band Hatton Button is able to provide practical and legal guidance on the management of employee sickness absence.  This can include both long term sickness and recurrent short term sickness. We can also assist with the preparation of appropriate sickness policies.