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Litigation and Dispute Resolution for Individuals

Our litigation and dispute resolution department provides advice and assistance on a wide range of personal legal issues, such as disputed wills, property disputes, court proceedings, contractual agreements, personal injury, education appeals and accident claims.

Contractual Agreements

Band Hatton Button can advise you about your rights and liabilities under any contractual agreement or arrangement including:

  • Mortgages
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Credit/loan agreements
  • Timeshare agreements
  • Hire purchase
  • Purchase orders/contracts
  • On-line commerce
  • Credit fraud
  • Insurance
  • Sale of goods, trading standards and consumer problems
  • Building contracts and defective workmanship
  • Personal guarantees
  • Pensions
  • High and county court judgments

We are familiar with pre-action and litigation procedures involving:

  • Costs/benefit analysis from the outset and review throughout
  • Negotiation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Small claims
  • Summary judgment and early resolution procedures
  • Injunctions
  • Trial preparation and representation
  • Costs recovery
  • Enforcement of judgments

We also have wide ranging experience in the conduct of proceedings in all courts including:

  • High court
  • Commercial court
  • Companies court
  • Technology and construction court
  • Lands tribunal
  • Appeal courts

Litigation funding

We will discuss funding options with you to find the most suitable solution to funding costs including:

  • Fixed fees
  • Fee limits
  • Deferred payments (including Conditional Fee Agreements and contingency fees)
  • Insurance options

We aim to ensure that the chances of recovery of costs from an opponent are maximised whenever that is possible and that our clients are aware of their potential liability for their own costs and for the costs of an opponent.

We recognise that costs and funding are critical issues in every case which we do not shy away from and we shall discuss with you openly from the outset and review whenever necessary.